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Mehta Center
One Purlieu Place Suite 100 Winterpark

Ph: 407-467-4249

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All healing requires change. It's that simple. Accept the facts: Change is constant. Change is inevitable. Change happens. And - You have the choice in the matter! Will it be positive or negative? Love-based or fear-based?

We all know these simple facts. However, it is good to be reminded. What does "Mind Over Matter" really mean? While learning the basics of metaphysics, these seminars will help you transform negative/constrictive emotions into positive and constructive emotions.

These teachings can be especially effective for anyone dealing with chronic illnesses, addictions, grief and/or the desire to self-heal. You can heal yourself with proper guidance.

Presented by Vipin Mehta, attendees will learn how to "think outside the box" and heal themselves. Each week he will present a Self-Healing theme based on metaphysical knowledge. This course is for any chronic, mental and/or emotional illnesses.


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Past Seminars
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